Call for papers

This international symposium on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual health issues is to be held in Paris, on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March, 2017 at the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

 Its aim is to highlight the most recent research on LGBT health, innovative health-promoting interventions and access to care and identify what still remains to be done, in the realm of health education, prevention, sexual health and care so people can live a full life as fully-fledged citizens.

The aim of this international scientific conference is to support the development of research in health and improve health care management for LGBT people.

Guest lecturers and oral communications will be selected from this call for papers. The conference will be held in French and English. Interpreting services will be provided during the whole conference.

Call for papers is also available here.

The 4 proposed themes were approved by a Scientific and Ethics Committee (Conseil scientifique et éthique – CSE) composed of around twenty members (scientists, professionals in public health and ethics, LGBT activists). The themes are :

– Theme 1 (T1): Can we be healthy, physically and mentally, in a society that is hetero-standardized/centered and HIV-phobic?

The following will be addressed: the impact of violence and discrimination during a lifetime: homophobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination / Mental healthcare issues / Dropping out of school / Promoting “safe” places for youth / Medicalization and ‘psychiatrization’ of minorities / Domestic homophobia / …

– Theme 2 (T2): Sport-health and sexual health: the body and the cult of performance.

The following will be addressed: sport and its health benefits for health but also its excesses in the issue of the performance of the body / Sexual health / Sexuality and sexual performance / The use of psychoactive substances (chemsex).

– Theme 3 (T3): Health issues during our Lifetime.

The following will be addressed: major health issues at different stages of life ad for each LGBT population: adolescence and the role of the family and school, early adulthood, the desire for children and the same sex-family in the face of the law and medicine / Aging in a family-dominated model / Living well at every age / Good practices to be implemented by health professionals / …

 – Theme 4 (T4): Taking care of yourself: the benefits for everyone and each LGBT community member.

The following will be addressed: the role of the community in the health of LGBT people; common issues and separate issues / Field experience and its contribution to prevention and wellness (community centers, the role of the general practitioner…) / What services do we need, not forgetting services for those in rural and peri-urban zones? Discrimination in traditional health services and the evolution that is required.

Proposals for research papers on these themes are accepted until December 20th, 2016 at midnight Paris time. Please use this file to send your proposal.

The papers retained for presentation at the symposium will be selected by the Scientific and Ethics Committee (Conseil scientifique et éthique – CSE), presided over by Gabriel Girard (Public Health Research Institute of the University of Montreal – Québec – Canada).

Authors will receive replies before January 31st, 2017.

All submitted papers will be published in a document made available in digital form to those registered for the symposium.